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Your own personal potty for the Festival Weekend! Share with as many or as few people as you'd like! We will provide a lock and key for your pottie. 


Available for General Admission or Camping. Please let us know if you have a Premium or Regular Reserve Campsite so we can put your pottie near your site.


Festival is Rain or Shine. Non-Refundable.

Your Private Porta Potty assignment and lock will be available at the Camp Office, which is on festival grounds. When you arrive, head over and give them your name, show em' your ticket,  and they'll tell you where to find your potty. 


You're free to share your Private Porta Potty with as many friends as you'd like! Bring extra toilet paper! The Porta Potty will come with toilet paper in it, but since it won't be getting cleaned like the general use potties, it won't be getting restocked. So bring a few extra rolls, just in case. 

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