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Farm Raised Blues

The Briggs Family has been bringing the Blues to their family farm since 1998. Over the years they've transformed a humble little gathering into one of the Nation's most revered Blues Festivals! Though the size has grown, "Briggs Fest" has managed to maintain a small festival mentality in a family friendly setting here in the rolling hills of Nescopeck, Pennsylvania. Over the past 25 years we've had 150+ national and regional bands play at our festival that has grown from one stage into two, from one day into three. Time and again, Briggs Farm Blues Festival remains "The Best Weekend of the Year!"

Artists Through the Years! 


Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Southern Avenue, Davy Knowles,

Nikki Hill, Alexis P Suter Band, Veronica Lewis, Taylor Scott Band, Joshua Ray Walker, Guy Davis Cristina Vane, Gabe Stillman, Lonnie Shields, Gracie Curran, The Tribe, Lynn & Farley 5

The Mighty Susquehannas, Totem Pole, The Hess Boys, & Uptown Music Collective


Shemekia Copeland, Ana Popovic, Victor Wainwright & The Train, Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Mac Arnold & Plate Full O' Blues, Campbell Brothers, Vanessa Collier, Scott Pemberton, The National Reserve, Swampcandy, Gracie Curran, Pappy Biondo & Justin Mazer, Bret Alexander & Friends,

Mike Miz & The Northeast Extension, Wes Knorr, Gabe Stillman, King Soloman Hicks,

The Mighty Susquehannas, Uptown Music Collective, Dane Tilghman & The Jack Adams Band


Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Donna the Buffalo, Alexis P. Suter Ministers of Sound, Southern Avenue,  Slam Allen, Vanessa Collier , Cedric Burnside, James Armstrong, Annika Chambers,

Heather Gillis, Robert Kimbrough Sr., Lonnie Shields, Clarence Spady Band, King Solomon Hicks,  Scott Pemberton, Bobby Kyle, Mikey Junior, MiZ, Nate Myers, Bret Alexander & Friends


Samantha Fish, Amy Helm, Mike Ferris, The National Reserve, Selwyn Birchwood, Vanessa Collier, Shawn Holt & The Teardrops, JJ Thames & The Violet Revolt, Swampcandy, Amanda Fish Band, Ursula Ricks, MiZ, Launch PAD, Ed Randazzo & Friends,

Teddy Young & The Aces, The Mighty Susquehannas, Gabe Stillman, 3rd Street Blues Band


Devon Allman, Danielle Nicole, Mike Zito, Teeny Tucker, Slam Allen, Alexis P. Suter Band, Terry “Harmonica” Bean w/ The Cornlickers, Butterfield Revisited, Lonnie Shield’s Back Porch Party, Bobby, Kyle, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats, Miner Blues, Teddy Young, Dan Hess & James Owens, Symphonic Haze


Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater, Bernard Allison, Linsey Alexander Moreland & Arbuckle, Alexis P. Suter Band, Butterfield Blues Band, Chris Beard, Rory Block, Lonnie Shields, The CKS band, Sarah Ayers, Clarence Spady, Michael Packer, Mikey Junior, Sam Lay, Rare Form, Jesse Loewy, Ed Randazzo with Brett Alexander, and Symphonic Haze


Louisiana Red, Joey Gilmore, Teeny Tucker, Johnny Drummer & The Starliters, Alexis P. Suter, Tom Larsen, Scott Weis Band, BC & Company, Lonnie Shields, Nate Myers, Mitch Ivanoff, V.E. Paul, Dealer In Wares, Mark Armstrong, Symphonic Haze


Sam “Bluzman” Taylor, Sherrie Williams, Lightnin’ Malcolm, Collin John Band, Cornlickers, Deb Callahan, “The Girls” BC-Ayers-Donovan, Sting Ray, Christopher Dean Band, Sean Apple, Symphonic Haze


Lil’Dave Thompson, Mary Taylor, Tom Larsen, Clarence Spady, Christine Santelli, Magic Red & The VooDoo Tribe, Teddy young, Little Sister


Eric Gales, John Nemeth & The Blues Dreamers, Thornetta Davis, The Slam Allen Band, Joanna Connor, Alexis P. Suter Ministers of Sound, Lonnie Shields, Vanessa Collier,

R.L. Boyce & The Cornlickers, Swampcandy, The Norman Jackson Band, 

Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen, Bobby Kyle & The Administers,  Clarence Spady

Jesse Loewy, Miner Blues, The Phyllis Hopkins Trio, The Mighty Susquehanna's

Miss Melanie & The Valley Rats, Thursday Night's "Brothers in the Woods"


Eric Gales, Lonnie Shields, Samantha Fish, Mike Farris, Alexis P. Suter Band, Harper & Midwest Kind, Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang, Anthony Sherrod w/The Cornlickers, Gabriel Butterfield Blues Band, Dan & Glen Hess, Norman Taylor, Eddie Turner, Clarence Spady, Christine Santelli, Beareather Reddy, Symphonic Haze Dustin Drevitch & James Owens Blues Revue.


Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Eddie Shaw & The Wolfgang, Teeny Tucker, Alexis P. Suter Band, Chainsaw Dupont, James Armstrong, Lonnie Shields, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Terry “Harmonica” Bean, Eli Cook, Rare Form, Mark Armstrong, Brooke and Kevin, and Vandelay Industries


Big George Brock, Nora Jean Bruso, Johnny Rawls, Clarence Spady, Bobby Kyle, Colin John & Michael Hill, Kelly Richey, Sarah Ayers Band, Lonnie Shields, Bret Alexander, Mikey Jr., Mark Armstrong, Donovan Roberts, Neon Soul Session


Big Jack Johnson, Terry “Harmonica” Bean, Dave Riley, Kelly Richey, Clarence Spady, Krypton City Blues Revue, Nate Myers & The Aces, Sarah Ayers Band, Sean Appel, Magic Red & The VooDoo Tribe, Octavia


Phil Guy, Osee Anderson, Dave Riley, Deb Callahan, Lonnie Shields, Harper, Sting Ray, Fat Cats


Devon Allman, Nikki Hill, Carolyn Wonderland, Victor Wainwright & The WildRoots, John Primer, The Cedric Burnside Project, The Marcus King Band, Anthony “Big A” Sherrod w/ The Cornlickers, Lonnie’s Back Porch Party, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Vanessa Collier, Alexis P. Suter & The Ministers of Sound, Clarence Spady, Anthony Gallucio & The Retreads, Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen, Miner Blues, J.P. Biondo,

The Michael Packer Blues Band,

The Mighty Susquehanna’s


Lurrie Bell, Shakura S'Aida, The Kinsey Report, Cedric Burnside, Mac Arnold, Terry "Harmonica" Bean & The Cornlickers, Clarence Spady, Lonnie Shields, Georgie Bonds, The Badlees, Eli Cook, Jesse Loewy, Nate Myers, James Owens w/Dustin Drevitch, Rare Form, Symphonic Haze, Ed Randazzo w/ Brett Alexander


David “Honeyboy” Edwards, Mississippi Heat, Mac Arnold, John Primer, Moreland & Arbuckle, Clarence Spady, Harper, Deb Callahan, Lonnie Shields, Terry “Harmonica” Bean, Ann Kerstetter, Mark Armstrong, Cathy Donnelly Blues Band, David Coppa & Scrapple, Vandelay Industries


Big Jack Johnson, Alexis P. Suter Band, Harper, Lonnie Shields, “Big T.” Williams, Paul Mark & The Van Dorens, Jason “Lefty Williams, Corn Lickers, Sean “Dogboy” Apple, Mark Armstrong, Melanie Mason, Tomm Dunn


Sonny Rhodes, Joanna Connor, Harper, Clarence Spady, Wolfe, Little Buddy, Beaucoup Blues, The Fat Cats.


Eddie Kirkland, Eddie King, Blind Mississippi Morris, Sting Ray, Miss T & The Mosquitoes, B. C. & The Blues Crew, The Little Sister Band, Midnight Blues


Johnny Rawls, Melissa Reaves, Harper, Peter Tork, BC & The Blues Crew, Krypton City


E.C. Scott, Lonnie Shields, Tom Larsen, Melissa Reaves, Little Red Rooster, Frank Grace & The Detonators, Blues & Gasoline, Teddy Young, The Susquehanna Sheiks


Big Jack Johnson, BC & The Blues Crew, Frank Grace and the Detonators, Sting Ray’s Blues Band, Krypton City Blues Revue, Little Sister & The Rhythm Method

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